The Board of Directors is made up of volunteers from the Community and Parents/Carers and is responsible for overall direction of the Nursery.  The Board meet monthly to evaluate and monitor the forward plans of the establishment.  If you wish to become a Board Member and help with the continued running of the Nursery, please do not hesitate to let Lesley-Anne know.


Board Members

Kate Thornton

Mandy McLaughlan

Kim McLauchlan

Kylie Rodgers

Samantha Booth 


Meet The Staff


Lesley-Anne Lee

Dear Parents/Carers,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and welcome you and your child(ren) to  the Nursery.

Before I took on the role of Apple Tree Nursery Manager, I felt that I had an excellent knowledge and understanding of what a position of leadership was and the qualities needed to be effective and inspirational.

My early days in childcare at Apple Tree began as a student, then I was fortunate to have a post as a Childcare Practitioner with promotion to Depute and finally Manager and so am fortunate to have a holistic view of all position within the setting. I started working at Apple Tree in 2000.

As I progressed with my profession, I was successful in attaining my SVQ Level 4 and then my BA in Childhood Practice.

I consider myself to have the personal skills to provide an engaging environment for your child and family, using my knowledge and experiences.  I have high expectations for all the children in our Nursery and am committed in providing opportunities and experiences to achieve their full potential.

I ensure the staff team remain motivated and continuously attend training courses to support your children’s learning.

Heather Sweet

Hello there, I am Heather Sweet and I consider myself fortunate after many years (since 1999) in childcare to feel as passionate today about my chosen career.  I am grateful that my role as Depute Manager continues to give me the opportunities to work with the children, the families and a staff team.  I am SVQ Level 4 trained in Childcare learning and development.  I strive on developing my Continued Personal Development and enthusiastically put into practice new skills learned both practically and theoretically.  My role allows me to exhibit a variety of skills such as an effective communicator, a compassionate nature, a good listener, strong leadership skills, a professional manner, with a sense of humour, imaginative and creative person, to name just a few of my qualities.  My goal is to continue to be motivated and provide memorable learning experiences.  We work as a team and nurture each child to succeed and develop skills and knowledge to continue their learning journey.

Yvonne Dunn

Hi there, I’m Yvonne Dunn and I have been a Child Practitioner at Apple Tree Nursery since June 2009.  I consider myself to be committed to my job, to help the children and develop a safe and stimulating environment to ensure they receive the best possible care, whilst ensuring they are having fun whilst they learn.  I work as part of a team, caring for the children and working alongside the parents/carers.  I therefore consider myself to be reliable, approachable, supportive, thoughtful and am able to provide a high standard of activities and observations, to give the parents/carers continuous feedback regarding their children’s progress and learning journey.  I am also able to share my knowledge and experience with my colleagues and am continuously updating my learning through regular training sessions to ensure that the needs of all the children are being met.

Laura-Jane McGowan

Hi I’m Laura-Jane McGowan and I started working at Apple Tree Nursery in 2010 and I have been fully qualified practitioner since 2012. I consider myself to be enthusiastic, eager, and approachable and a caring member of the Apple Tree team. I work and stimulate the childrens mind with activities appropriate to each individual’s age and stage in a highly motivated environment. My continued professional development is kept up to date by regularly attending courses or completing these online to broaden my knowledge to ensure the best care and learning for child.

Zareya MacGillivray

Hi there, I’m Zareya MacGillivray.  I first started working for Apple Tree Nursery as a supply worker way back in December 1995 when the nursery was in Pavilion House.  I became a permanent member of staff in May 1998.  I am a fully qualified Child Care Practitioner having completed my SVQ Level III in 2006.  I consider myself to be a caring, friendly person who enjoys working within a team of highly motivated staff.  Recently I have helped introduce BSL through the Nursery, organising many BSL concerts and embedding the skill from the baby room through to ELC.

Donna Parkins

Hi I’m Donna Parkins, I am a bank staff member and I am a fully qualified Childcare Practitioner with experience in the Baby Room, Toddlers and also ELC.  I have been trained to lead Bookbug Sessions that have now been applied to the Apple Tree with sessions fortnightly.  I have good communication skills with Parents/Carers and also outside agencies.  I am always approachable friendly and supportive to the needs of both the children and parents/carers.  I attend courses regularly to update my personal development to continue my own learning journey.  I am always happy to share my experiences and knowledge of childcare with other staff members and parents/carers.

Stephanie Scott

Hi, I’m Stephanie Scott (Stephers) and am a fully qualified Childcare Practitioner with a vast knowledge and experience in childcare and education.  I keep my Continued Professional Development up to date by regularly attending courses to expand my own knowledge and development to help your child broaden and deepen their learning whilst in my care.  I am creative and thrive in finding interesting, exciting and challenging learning opportunities for your child to participate in.  Delivery of high quality childcare and education is of paramount importance to me and I demonstrate this fully through my working day.  I am approachable, cheerful, caring and thoughtful.  This is shown through the bonds and partnerships we will have during your child’s time at Apple Tree Nursery.

Charlene Kane

Hi I am Charlene Kane, I am a bank staff member and have been a qualified Childcare Practitioner for over since 2008.  I am a friendly, caring and enthusiastic person.  I like to be constantly learning and adapting my practice to ensure I provide the best I can for the child.  I do this by ongoing professional development, attending courses, sharing ideas with other members of staff and looking at new ideas.  I enjoy working as part of a team and am good at problem solving.  I also enjoy my role as a Bookbug Leader and provide Bookbug Sessions in the Nursery.

Caitlin McIntyre

Hi, I am Caitlin McIntyre and I have been working at Apple Tree Nursery since 2017,  I am a fully qualified Child Care Practitioner having completed my SVQ Level III. I am currently studying my BA in child hood and Practice. I am the Forest School leader at Apple Tree, I enjoy sharing my Forest skills and knowledge with the other staff members and regularly visiting our local forest. Our approach to risk means that our children constantly expand on their abilities by solving real-world issues, building self-belief and resilience. I consider myself to be an eager and enthusiastic member of the Apple Tree team.

Joanne Craig

Hi there, I’m Joanne Craig, I am a bank staff member, I am SVQ Level 3 qualified in Social Services (Children and Young People).  I am also a trained Fitness Instructor and I love keeping all the children and staff fit and healthy through exercise and dancing.  I also enjoy reading to the children and singing with them.  I am enthusiastic to attend courses to enhance my Continued Personal Development.  I have experience of all rooms which enables me to see the progress of all the children.

Erica Ledicott

Hi, I am Erica Ledicott, I have been a bank staff member since 2017.    I have experience of working with babies, toddlers and ELC and am very enthusiastic at providing stimulating, exciting messy play activities and enhancing the construction areas within the nursery.  I am very active and encourage the children to participate in a variety of sporting initiatives.  I consider myself to be very ‘handy’ and happy to challenge myself to repair items/resources etc.  I am highly motivated to continue training and enhance my knowledge of childcare good practice.

Ellie McMillan

Hi, I am Ellie McMillan, in 2018 I attended Apple Tree on my placement from James Watt Collage, I completed my HNC in 2019 and I am now a fully qualified practitioner. I have a great relationship with all children and staff members. I have a passion for introducing community farming culture to our children, I am a highly organised and motivated practitioner who thrives to ensure we have a high quality learning environment.

Abigail Tayler

Hi, I am Abigail Tayler I began working at Apple Tree in 2019 I have the role of Apple Tree Nursery’s secretary you will find me in the office with an extra big smile. I am very much part of the Nursery team and very much enjoy my daily interaction with the children and their families. I have responsibility for ensuing staff wages are paid, newsletters are typed, invoices are sent out and all other general admin duties.

Megan McDonald

Hi, I am Megan McDonald I now a fully qualified Childcare practitioner after doing my Apprenticeship at Apple Tree Nursery. I love to learn new skills, I am Apple Tree’s Communication Champion, looking at all areas related to speech, language and communication development and strategies . I am very fortunate to work alongside a very motivated team.

Charmayne Murphy

Hi, I am Charmayne Murphy I started working at Apple Tree Nursery in 2019 and have been a fully qualified practitioner since 2020. I have a leadership role in promoting gender equal play and developing each child’s creative journey and ensure each child reaches their full potential.

Yvonne Glass

Hi, I am Yvonne Glass I have a SVQ level 3 in children and young people. I began my journey at Apple Tree Nursery in 2019 and since then took on the leadership role of delving arts and drama. I am a practitioner who is passionate about creating role play and re-enacting story telling.

Charlotte McIntyre

Hi, I am Charlotte McIntyre 

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