Improvement Plan 2023/2024

Overview of Establishment 3 Year Cycle of Improvement Plan Priorities

National Improvement Framework Key Priorities

➢ Improvement in attainment, particularly in literacy and numeracy
➢ Closing the attainment gap between the most and least disadvantaged children
➢ Improvement in children and young people’s health and wellbeing
➢ Improvement in employability skills and sustained positive school leaver destinations for all young people

Argyll and Bute Education Key Objectives

➢ Raise educational attainment and achievement for all
➢ Use performance information to secure improvement for children and young people
➢ Ensure children have the best start in life and are ready to succeed
➢ Equip young people to secure and sustain positive destinations and achieve success in life
➢ Ensure high quality partnership working and community engagement
➢ Strengthen leadership at all levels

Session Key Drivers HGIOELC Indicators
➢ Raise educational attainment and achievement for all

➢ Use performance information to secure improvement for children
➢Self Evaluation for self-improvement

➢Safeguarding and child protection

➢Family learning



➢Ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion

➢ Parental engagement

➢ Assessment of children's progress

➢Leadership of learning

➢Leadership of change

➢Management of resources to promote equity

➢Learning teaching and assessment

➢Securing children's progress

➢Increasing creativity and employability/ Developing creativity and skills for life and learning

➢ELC Improvement

➢ Performance information
➢Leadership and management of practitioners


➢Personalised support

Strategic Priorities 3 Year Cycle


➢ Ensuring Wellbeing, Equality and Inclusion:
➢ Right respecting school Gold award
➢ Revisit Vision, Values and Aims
➢ Effective communication tool for daily feedback and sharing of children’s progress
➢ Realising the Ambition: Being me document community engagement


➢ Every member of staff having a lead role in developing an aspect of the establishment and within the improvement plan
➢ Enhance digital learning resources and staff training to ensure a high quality learning environment
➢ Parents are fully involved in understanding their child’s progress
➢ Excellence through raising attainment, particularly in literacy and numeracy


➢ Rights Respecting School
➢ Create a rich curricular design relevant to our setting
➢ Monitor and review child’s plan format and content
➢ Minimise the impact of potential barriers to learning for children who have additional needs and the more able children

Strategic Improvement Planning for Establishment

1. Leadership at all levels

Proposed Impact Measures
➢ A staff team who are confident, challenged and engaged within their role. Staff will be empowered and motivated to make decisions and lead on their initiatives which will promote positive outcomes for children and families.

➢ Observe the high levels of satisfaction and professional growth. On entering the Nursery you will instantly feel the ethos of confident, skilled and nurturing staff.

➢ Staff leadership roles will enable our staff to monitor, evaluate and review the childrens learning experiences and their learning environment to maximise each individual child’s full potential.

➢ Using the model for improvement this will ensure the changes we make will actually lead to the improvements we intended. Robust quality assurance processes will be carried out once per month.

2. Leadership at all levels

Proposed Impact Measures
➢ All children will be able to independently access ipads.

➢ The Ipads will be available in all curriculum areas, indoors and outdoors. Most (90%) of our children will be confident in using Ipads to record their learning.

➢ Nursery Ipads are available for families to use at home to access learning journals/educational websites

➢ 100% of our families will have access to their online learning journals. Parent activation report will run monthly to ensure 95% of our families are engaging within the learning journeys.

➢ Increase childrens confidence in using different programmes and coding

➢ Children will independently access stem resources within their environment confidently. This will be measured by (Leuven Scale) level of involvement.

➢ 3 staff Apple Teacher trained.

➢ Staff will cascade their knowledge to their colleagues ensuring all staff are knowledgeable in digital technology, therefore confident in delivering learning experiences this will e measured through staff questionnaires. .

3. Parents are fully involved in securing their child’s progress, environment and learning experiences

Proposed Impact Measures
➢ Parents attending parental workshops to gain knowledge and an understanding of our progression pathways.

➢ Attendance rates at the workshops and data collected through survey monkey - 75 of the 89 families will attend the various workshops.

➢ Families will be invited to attend stay and play sessions individually, allowing the parents one to one with a practitioner to gain knowledge their child’s learning environment and experiences offered to them.

➢ Survey monkey questions ‘Do parents feel involved in their child’s learning progress, environments and learning experiences.

➢ Peep sessions will be ran throughout the year, age group these classes will be outwith Nursery times to allow working parents to attend.

➢ At least 50% of parents in each age group will attend a Peep session.

4. Excellence through raising attainment, particularly in literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing

Proposed Impact Measures
➢ Progression trackers will be delivered to parents during induction to allow families an understanding of the outcomes and skills (3-5years) and work together on these.

➢ Progress tracker each term in collaboration with the parents, plus two parents evening per year to discuss progression. (Although more can be requested if required) Data gathered from online learning journal. 91-99% of our children will be on target with their progression pathways.

➢ Implement appropriate strategies and robust tracking and monitoring systems.

➢ Keyworkers and parents will ensure all milestones are met before starting ELC, if not complete intervention will be put in place. Quantitative data will be collected each term.

➢ Play on Pedals Instructor.

➢ 95% of our children will be able to ride a bike before attending school.

➢ Nurture Practitioner in post.

➢ This will be tracked through developmental milestones, outcomes and experiences for Health and Wellbeing and the Leaven Scale data collection.

Operational Improvement Planning (Action Plan) for Establishment

Strategic Priority 1: Leadership at all levels

100% of keyworkers employed by Apple Tree Nursery will have a leadership role to engage and drive forward. All staff will be up skilled and confident in implementing their leadership role throughout the Nursery setting. High levels engagement from children will be evident within the Leuven Scale measures. Staff appraisals and supervision sessions 6 monthly will record staffs health and wellbeing and attitude to work.

Role Lead Person
➢ Farming Curriculum Officer

➢ Ellie McMillan

➢ Speech and Language Co-ordinator

➢ Megan McDonald

➢ Eco Schools Leader

➢ Heather Sweet

➢ Leuven Scale Development Lead

➢ Caitlin Parkins

➢ PEEP Practitioner

➢ Charmayne Murphy

➢ Rights Respecting School Ambassador

➢ Stephanie Scott

➢ Woodwork Officer

➢ Charlotte Rutherford

➢ Nurture Practioner/ Health and Wellbeing Coach

➢ Leighann Greene

➢ Transport Minister

➢ Yvonne Dunn

➢ Intergenerational Partnerships Co-ordinator/ Word Aware Support Worker

➢ Leigha McMillan

Read and Complete the SSSC 2016 Publications Enabling Leaderships (All staff, January 2024)
Staff with training needs identified and responded to:
➢ Staff will be willing and engaged in learning and development activities
➢ Staff will feel valued and acknowledged for their contribution
➢ Staff will be enabled and listened to, they will be motivated and empowered who will have trust in those above them.
➢ Staff will complete leadership learning pathways for Scotland Social Services.
Carry out a robust quality assurance process where will review the childrens learning environment (All staff, June 2024)
PDSA cycles will be carried out in each learning environment. This enables staff to reflect on what they are doing so they can get to know what they do well and identify what they need to do better.

Strategic Priority 2: Enhance Digital Learning

Purchase 6 ipads, area 1,2,3 outside, area 1,2,3 inside (Lesley-Anne, January 2024)
Observe the children independently accessing ipads to record their learning. 80% of children will achieve ‘I understand’ while 20% will achieve ‘I apply’ levels of achievement within their trackers.

Access for parents and carers to information on children’s progress will improve through digital technology. (Abigail Tayler, September 2024)

Opportunities to engage with parents will be more innovative, improving collaboration and communication. Parents and carers will be supported in improving children and young people’s digital literacy and understanding of e-safety. They will be aware of the social, emotional and cognitive abilities that enable individuals to face challenges and adapt to the demands of the digital world.

On registering, parents complete All about me books, ensuring families have the right devices to access their children learning journey, if not Apple Tree will provide an Ipad for the family during their time at Apple Tree. Ensure all families have the access to Wifi.

Strategic Priority 3: Parents are fully involved in securing their children’s progress

Children, parent/carers and staff will feel better informed and empowered to design our curriculum (Lesley-Anne Roberts, March 2023)
80% of parents will participate in the shaping of our curriculum design.

Parents will be able to support their child’s learning both at nursery and at home, using a wide scope of information targeted for their child. (Lesley-Anne Roberts, January 2023)
90% of children will be secure in going to school completing developmental milestones and trackers appropriate to their age and stage

Parental workshops (Lesley-Anne Roberts, June 2023)
75% of all parents to attend workshops on C4E and Pre-birth to three What is curriculum for excellence? How will Pre-birth to realising the ambition Being me help my child develop?

Strategic Priority 4: Excellence through raising attainment, particularly in literacy and numeracy

Training for all staff to explore literacy and numeracy within the environment, understand provocations and differentiated play, explore SEAL in early years (Lesley –Anne & ELC Staff, April 2024)
3 members of staff SEAL trained. 5 members of staff complete training with EYS on provided high quality learning experiences.

Create a robust tracking a monitoring system to ensure progression, application and challenge within Numeracy and Literacy. (Lesley –Anne, July 2024)
Moderation meeting will be held every term with keyworkers and Nursery Manager to review and track childrens learning in order to provide support or challenge.

Deliver Word Aware, BLAST and Renfrew Language Scale (Lesley-Anne & Leigha & Megan, July 2024)
Assessment of every child’s language skills through the Renfrew Language Scale and after delivery of this resource, reassess in 1 year.